Following from the inaugural meeting in Cambridge in Cambridge in 2016, this 2nd one day symposium covered:

  • Clinical outcome for patients
  • Role of radiosurgery in meningioma
  • Update on ROAM trial
  • Update on Anaplastic Meningioma International Consortium (AMICo)

Invited Speakers

Mike McDermott
Michael McDermott (UCSF, USA)
Jeremy Rowe
Jeremy Rowe (Sheffield, UK)


12th May 2017 – At Imperial College

16:00-17:30 Trainees session: Case-Based Discussion: Meningioma Management – Professor Michael McDermott

13th May 2017 – At HQS Wellington

09:00-09:30 Registration and coffee with exhibitors

09:30-09:45 Welcome – Jonathan Pollock
09:45-10:15 Radiosurgery for meningioma – Jeremy Rowe
10:15-10:30 Update on the ROAM trial – Michael Jenkinson
10:30-12:00 KEYNOTE LECTURE introduced by Tom Santarius – Meningioma: Clinical Outcomes – Michael McDermott (UCSF)
12:00-13:00 Lunch with exhibitors

13:00-13:30 Anaplastic meningiomas and AMICo study – Tom Santarius
13:30-15:00 Free Papers
15:00-15:30 Tea with Exhibitors

15:30-16:15 Management of Incidental Meningiomas: observe, resect, irradiate? – Town Hall Debate
16:15–16:45 Collaborative Projects and Next Meningioma Meeting – Michael Jenkinson and Rossana Romani
16:45-17:00 Closing Remarks – Jonathan Pollock