Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 4th annual British Irish Meningioma Society Meeting at Oxford. The programme encompasses the diverse range of clinicians treating meningiomas and it is an honour to host a world class faculty from Europe and America. The society was founded to foster collaboration among clinicians engaged in meningioma research and the care of patients suffering with meningiomas. While overall survival for meningiomas, on the whole, remains better than for most brain tumours, this is not true for every patient and quality of life of patients with meningiomas, requiring surgery or other treatment, can be significantly diminished. There is clearly a lot to do to improve the lives of patients with meningiomas. To this end we hope to  to bring together doctors, nurses and researchers from units all over the country to pool our resources, skills and knowledge in an effort to improve patient care and offer more effective treatment options.

The meeting is hosted by Oxford University and Oxford has long been at the forefront of neuroscience research with pioneering work in neuroanatomy, neural biology and the care of neurological disorders. The neurosurgery department was founded by Sir Hugh Cairns, an enterprising collaborator who brought together clinician scientists from varied fields and in this spirit we hope this meeting will inspire you to do the same.

Finally, we hope you will enjoy Oxford and the Meeting, and we look forward to welcoming you in person.

Sanjeeva Jeyaretna

Sanjeeva Jeyaretna

Local Organising Chair



Tom Santarius

BIMS President